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Holly Springsteen

Tech Leader • Ethical Tech Advocate • Front-End Specialist

Hello there! I'm Holly, and my journey from the structured life of the Marine Corps to the vibrant world of technology has been nothing short of an adventure. It's a path that's allowed me to blend my leadership skills with a deep love for technology, all while keeping my heart set on creating a positive impact.

As someone who thrives on bringing ideas to life through the magic of front-end development, I've always been passionate about making technology work for us in ways that are both innovative and responsible. I believe in building solutions that don't just dazzle but also make a genuine difference, prioritizing integrity, user-friendliness, and inclusivity.

My career has been a wonderful mosaic of experiences, from crafting design systems that bring harmony and clarity to digital spaces, to rejuvenating old platforms with new, vibrant technologies. Each project, whether it was streamlining designs for companies like IBM, Cox Automotive, and Bright Health, or making server monitoring more intuitive, has been a stepping stone in my journey to meld ethics with technology.

In this fast-paced tech world, I see myself as more than just a tech leader; I'm a mentor, a friend, and a fierce advocate for ethical technology. I aim to inspire those around me to weave compassion and ethics into their creations, ensuring our digital future is as bright and positive as it can be.

This blend of roles—Tech Enthusiast, Advocate for Ethical Technology, and Passionate Front-End Developer—really captures the essence of who I am professionally, with a dash of personal flair. I'm all about making connections, exploring new possibilities, and ensuring that as we stride forward, we do so with thoughtfulness and care.

Let's create something wonderful together!

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